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Bramwell.  Have you ever seen it?  It's on Netflix, and some kind soul has made it available here as well.   Go watch it now.

It's too sedate to be called a truly Sexy History, but I'm assuming it's the Sexy History of Elizabeth Blackwell, or some generic student of hers who studied at her medical school for women.

I love the straw hats and puffy sleeves.  But more than that, I love that she's so willing to tell the Big Doctor at the hospital that he's experimenting on people instead of treating them, that he's cutting parts out of them unnecessarily, and is willing to risk her job to try to save people's lives.  Not having lived in 18Whenever, I can't say that she's totally unlike a woman of her period could be, I wonder if some of that "Ooo, old fashioned ladies would never be unladylike like modern women, boo books and movies for portraying them more like normal humans would react rather than the delicate flowers we know they all were."  Have they read the Declaration of Sentiments?  It's a pretty kickass document. Or anything Abigail Adams wrote? How about Anne Bradstreet, or Anne Hutchinson?    But that said, she's a pretty progressive woman for someone born and raised in 18whenever.

Fine, be a doctor and a woman.  But you can't possibly ride a bicycle.  Who do you think you are?

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