This Week in Yarning.

 Remember that horrible raglan sweater I was working on?  Well, here it is! That's what it looked like a week ago, right after blocking, but with none of the ends sewn in, obvs.  It's Berroco's Moshup, and as you can start to see, it has some problems that took a week or so of contemplation.

  • The two stitch garter edging constantly rolls under.
  • There's absolutely no sense of how to wear this thing closed.  The sample picture uses what looks like a giant safety pin. 

  •  The sleeves are not so pretty.  They're big and chunky already, folding them up is going to make them thicker, and make them stop at the elbow instead of 3/4 length, which is Not An Attractive Length.
  • It looks scifi-ish, like something Jean Luc Picard would wear on leave, or Yoda's sweater in Star Wars.
After sewing in the ends and doing some more thinking, I have a few ideas about what to do with this thing.  One is to just wear it open, although it does look dangerously Art Teacher for my taste that way.  

 Another thought was to change it from a wrap sweater to one of those single-button-hang open numbers.

Of course, since I didn't think about this until the sweater was done, there's no buttonhole, so it would have to be a pin or a toggle, neither of which I'm crazy about.

I've also got some ideas about how to fix the sleeves and edges, but more on that another time.  Now I've got to get button shopping.

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  1. I like it better closed with the pin, but that may be because I don't wear things that insist on staying open. I am surprised at the garter edge rolling under. Perhaps it needs a few more rows in garter stitch at those edges?