Four More Rows of Agony

One of the most fun, rewarding things to knit is the beginning of a top down raglan sweater.  You fly through the rows, amassing inches of back and the beginnings of sleeves, and get a little high off the excitement.  You think, I'll wear this to my friend Will's birthday party next week, and when people mention it, I'll casually say, Oh yes, I was bored and whipped up this little number over the weekend.  Then when you get about 25 rows in, the rows suddenly get longer and the frenetic energy you had wears out.  At the end of every two row repeat you count the rows, hoping to magically be ready to divide and work in smaller rows again.  How many inches could there possibly be between my neck and armpits anyway?  I'm making a sweater for a giraffe.  

But you keep working away at it, two rows at a time, taking breaks to distract yourself from what a torment this hobby has become.  Like take some photos and post them on your blog.  Oh, by the way, take a look at these pictures I took today.


  1. Good thing you are not knitting a Bohus sweater from the top down. I can't imagine how long one of those yokes would take.
    There's something to be said for projects that start slow and go faster as you progress, like those shawls where you cast on from the sides and curse every ten stitches for the first few rows until things start to pick up and you are flying to the end.
    Love the yarn, by the way. What is it?

  2. The yarn is Cascade Ecological wool- for very plain basic yarn, it's been great to work with. It has a distinct Sheepy When Wet smell though that I don't think will ever wash away.

    At least with a colorwork pattern you'd have the color changes to keep you occupied- plain grey stockinette hasn't much scope for the imagination. This project has moved along very quickly since this excruciating part though so I've got no real complaints.