This Week in Yarning.

Or, How to Pick a New Yarn Project.*

  • Wander around wishing you had a project to work on.

  • Briefly consider finishing one of the umpteen ongoing projects, abandon idea and eat a fudgecicle. 

  • Check out Ravelry patterns, queue, favorites. Remain uninspired.

  • Dig through yarn stash, feel guilty for having such a mess.

Image by BoldAsLoveVintage

  • See this yellow top on Etsy, find cheap yellow yarn and figure out the granny square pattern.

  • Granny Square until bored, and sick of cheap acrylic.  Put project aside.

  • Seriously, though.  I love that top and I want to come back to making something similar for myself.    

  • Pull some yarn out of the Shameful Stash and swatch for a sweater you've been meaning to make for an embarrassing number of years.

  • Carry the swatch around in your purse for five days.

  • Go back into the stash one more time.  Look for a long time at yarn you meant to use immediately, then lost the plot on what to do.

  • Search Ravelry to with a buddy until she finds a sweater to make for herself.

  • Eat another fudgecicle.

  • Wander around Ravelry some more until you stumble over something that uses the right amount of yardage/weight of that Regret Yarn, then immediately cast on without swatching before eating another fucking dessert or another episode of a Certain Victorian Doctor distracts you.  

  • Pictures to follow later in the week.

*Do not actually follow these steps.  

1 comment:

  1. I feel better already. Thank you. :)
    Let's not dwell on Shameful Stash and UFOs.
    Life is short: eat croissants and buy some cashmere.