Oh, how I love shiny things.

I'm not going to tell the whole story here, but this is a little preview of my current obsession. I've got many more photos to follow.

I had no idea how awesome Three Degrees were until I found them doing a version of Maybe This Time a year or so ago on youtube. Since then I've been continually stunned by them, the smooth vocals, the silly dance moves, the incredible outfits. This one is probably the sparkliest video, and fits the shiny theme of this post.

Just when it seemed safe to visit London

this happened. I think this might be my favorite of the Single Ladies dances on youtube. I'd also like to recreate this with my friends, but half of us would be fat, and probably 40% of my friends are dudes. And of course, we aren't professional dancers. But it would still look as good as this video.


Hey, Look! It's an abandoned blog!

I started this blog and was really just using it as a cheap pre-ravelry ravelry. But who knows? Maybe I'll like having someplace to type out all my boring crap. So, thousands of people who I'm sure are fascinated by me, here we go.