An Old Dream Comes True

Disgruntled resident dumps trash in mayor's office 

That was the headline in the online version of my hometown newspaper.  Out here the garbage collectors rule fucking everything.  Before they invested 17 billion dollars in a new recycling system with one giant bin and no sorting, they would glance into one of my bins, decide they didn't like the looks of my recycling, and dump it out on to the street.  I can't tell you how many times I fantasized about dropping it all off at city hall.  Ah, memories. 

Of course, I hope that when I made my imaginary city hall dumping, I wouldn't have yelled, "Free Speech" and walked out like that guy did.  Free Speech, jesus fucking christ.  Free Speech is like the middle aged white dude version of No Homo.  This has been my fascinating thought for the day. 

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