Shiny Things

I went on a yarn voyage with my mother on Monday and scored this amazing thing.

It's a spool of tinsel.  A spool full of tinsel.  I've never felt so rich.

I could knit myself the most useless chainmail ever.  Or spin it in with some fiber.  Did I mention my terrible spinning here before?  I spin, it's terrible, I haven't touched it in months because every day I wake up feeling like I live in a giant's sweaty armpit.

I could knit it in with some very special project.  Or I could stare at my tinsel some more.

It's also super reflective.  look at that wacky hand reflection. 

I've seen other spools of shiny thread before, but they felt stretchy and yucky in my hand, where this is smooth, flat and exactly like tinsel.

Even though it goes against my stop aquiring craft supplies pledge, I'm psyched about it.  Oh, also, I got it for 1.50.  ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS. I cannot say no to that.

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