This Week in Yarning

I haven't been, really.  Mystery Yarn tank top is a pain in the ass, and while I'm not quite ready to go out and buy the red heart the pattern calls for, I have put it down until I come up with a new plan.  

But, just so my blog doesn't get boring, here are some pictures!  A friend saw this at a yard sale or something and picked it up for me.  
I hope that it wasn't a hint, because I'm not knitting that thing for a Christmas gift.  

It must be the square dancing version of Grumperina's buffalo sweater, although instead of the dude with the pipe, I've got a lade who is seriously displeased with her whole situation.  

To me, that look says, "I can not fucking believe I got roped into this stupid job.  When I get out of here I'm going to murder whoever made this booking.  Oh Jesus, am I wearing an ascot?  Fucking horseshit."

Any other brilliant interpretations of this poor woman's state of mind?

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