Artfirmations: When a pretty picture doesn't make the message clear enough

I've been shopping around for some new stuff to hang on my walls- some of the art I've had since I was 13, some of it I stole from my mother, there was the poster that traveled around with me in college, all the typical pathetic stuff.  It time to upgrade to some adult choices.  Here are some top contenders.

Buy here. In my younger, less sane days I used to write that over and over again in my notebook to try and keep from freaking out.  This reminds me of that in the best sort of way.

Buy here. Does everything really happen for a reason?  I dunno.  But I LOVE the colors here, so I'm willing to accept that reasons are possible.
Buy here. Everything in her storefront is gorgeous, but I especially like these next two pieces.
Buy here. In her store you can see a closeup of the fine print- it's worth reading.

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