This Week in Yarning

I hooked on that tank top I was in love with from Crochet Today this week.  There are a couple mistakes in the directions for the gauge swatch, so beware.

Speaking of gauge swatch.  I have this problem with crochet that I don't have with knitting.  No matter what the pattern, yarn, or other people say, when I have a pattern I want to make, I just assume whatever yarn I've got will work, and that whatever hook is closest is the perfect size.  I've got no idea why I do that.  So the yarn I wanted to use is some Mystery Yarn, that's about dk weight, and I think is cotton/linen.  Oh, and I have no idea how many yards I have.  So it's an adventure! 

Oh, and while I'm still in love with Crochet Today, WTF?  My mother would say that looks like a circus tent.  And, it already makes that very skinny, very pretty model look shitty.  Why does this exist?  I guess I could see maybe if it didn't have the stripes.  But still, I dunno.  

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