my fascinating yarning

I haven't touched knitting or crochet outside of stitch and bitching for a month or so, I don't know why.  But all the great tank top patterns are pulling me back in.  I love this one in the upcoming issue of Crochet Today.  I won't really know until I've got the pattern in front of me if there's sufficient shaping to make it flattering, but as a casual thing to throw over a bathing suit?  I fucking love it.  Although I'd probably leave off the fringe.  It'd make me feel like I was wearing a throw blanket. 

I love Crochet Today.  They blow all the other oddly named crochet magazines out of the water.  Every issue has AT LEAST one design I love, and even when their designs get dorky, they present them with a sense of humor and appreciation for the craft.

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