The Post Where I Anger the Knitting Gods.

I've played around with the addi clicks and found them unimpressive, especially for 150 bucks.

Did lightning strike me down yet? No, ok, I'll continue. I even have a few shitty pictures as evidence!

One of my new favorite yarn stores In the Loop had a set of the addi clicks in when I was there a few weeks (possibly a month? I've been sitting on my hands about this for a while) ago. I, of course, took advantage of the chance to pull them out and play with them for about half an hour. It took the five or six people there maybe three minutes to get the twisty connection thing down, and it was awesome and strong. So I pulled a ball of yarn from this project out, cast on and started swatching a bit. The cables were wonderful. The needles feel solid and sturdy in your hand, and the tip is just the right amount of pointy. So that was pretty wonderful, but pretty much all true of the standard addis.

But that join sucks. I've read other reviews that talk about how the join is no big deal, and the yarn slides right over it, which I found to be true, most of the time. Which means sometimes the stitches got stuck. 50% of those stuck stitches I was able to tug the work until the yarn slid over, but the rest I had to stop knitting to push the stitch over the join. I mentioned it to one of the (awesome) owners, and when she knit a few rows, she found it happened to her even more often. I'm generally a loose knitter, and she's generally a tight one. I knit several more rows and as long as I keep my tension fairly loose, the sticky join is noticible, but not a huge problem.


So, the needles are accaptable when I was knitting at 5.5 stitches to an inch. Any tighter than that and the stitched start to get stuck at that join again. Considering the Kells Sport merino says it knits up with a gauge of 5.75-6.5 st/in, that's a bit troublesome for me.

I love my addi turbos. But if I had 150 dollars to spend on needles, I'd rather order the 40 inch addis in size 0 to 8. Even when I already own most of them, and have two pair of some (zeros, I'm looking at you) they're incredibly useful, I can use them to magic loop anything, and they work great at any gauge.

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  1. I love how the knitting needles look like surgical instruments... that is funny!