This Week in Yarning.

At this point it should really be This Year in Yarning, but whatever.  I'd like to have a weekly thing, where I sum up what I've been working on, with gorgeous pictures to go with it, but I haven't been working on much during 2011.  I finished an old sweater, and I made a triangle scarf for a friend out of yarn she'd dyed and spun.

But the last month or so, I've been working on this gorgeousness.

It's the Fragile Heart pattern with a few alterations.  The pattern called for the body to be knit in one big piece, but I split the repeats in half and grafted them together.

I think it looks pretty good.  I also added a few extra repeats to the edging.  The pattern called for 7 or 8 repeats and I did 12.  It's lovely, and I've been wearing it at work to cut the chill out of the air conditioning.  It's definitely not a wrap it twice around your neck sort of scarf, but I'm very happy with it.

A spider took over my favorite perch for a camera, so there's no self portraits, and it's too fucking hot to imagine taking this thing outside again, so here's another beauty shot.

My bullet points about this pattern

  • Swatch with big yarn before casting on in lace weight mohair
  • Only knit in the most powerfully air conditioned rooms
  • Wait until 7 repeats in before attempting to knit after a glass a wine
  • Be sure and count the dropped stitches every time you gather them up to make the heart pattern. If there aren't 5, you're doing it wrong
  • When working the backwards yarn overs on the edging, untwist them during the pearl row.  
  • The points on the edging are done in blocking- if you want them very defined, do some sort of picot edging.

That's all the wisdom I've got.  Everybody keep cool.


  1. Yours looks better than mine!
    I did actually make a swatch with mohair/silk and decided it would be too much of a strain on my middle aged eyes, but now I wish I'd been more adventurous.
    If you upload the new photos to Ravelry, can I use one for the pattern page? Pretty please? :)

  2. The white and mohair was killer on my eyes too. And of course you're welcome to use my pictures on Ravelry, for whatever they're worth.

  3. That is just beautiful! I have one on the needles too but it's very slow going here, too much else knitting to do. But you've inspired me to get a move on with mine :)